Primal! Human Grade Snacks

All Primal Treats are made from single source proteins and offer a healthy choice for all pets, especially those with food allergies. Primal treats are produced using low-temperature, slow cooking techniques such as freeze-drying and slow roasting, yielding high-density nutrition in a shelf-stable product. Use Primal treats as a snack alternative, for training and obedience rewards.


Primal! Make a Raw Resolution

Primal is a staple at The Raw Connection. Primal has a full line of foods for cats and dogs including complete and balanced raw diets, bones, treats, and goat’s milk!

Primal make it easier than ever to keep your pet’s diet as close to nature as possible, allowing them to live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

Feed Your Pets Like Family!


Get Free Samples of EVERMORE at The Raw Connection!

Evermore’s integrity as a company is far reaching. They go above and beyond to make the best food ever by:

Adhering to USDA production standards, while also meeting pet nutritional requirements

Lab testing every batch for nutrition and food safety (e.g., E. coli, salmonella, listeria, mold)

Overseeing production runs (hairnets and all!)

Walking the walk—when they say their food is human grade, they mean it. They ate it for a month.

Always being there for our customers, responding to emails and picking up our phones

Earning kudos from respected consumer advocate Dog Food Advisor and making the cut for Truth About Pet Food’s The List.


Evermore! Benefits You Can See…

Evermore has benefits you can see! They are told over and over by their loyal customers once switching to Evermore as even a partial diet, their dogs have shown benefits you can see within as little time as one month:​

Shiny, lustrous coat
Improved skin condition
More energy
Weight management
Extreme excitement at mealtimes
Better poop


Evermore! Obsessively Sourced Ingredients!

A diet intended to gently support and detoxify the body must start with raw ingredients free from pesticides and other toxins.

Evermore uses the following criteria to obsessively source their ingredients:
Humanely raised animals ONLY
100% grass-fed, antibiotic/hormone-free beef
Free range, antibiotic-free (ABF) chicken
All-American, antibiotic/hormone-free lamb
Pasture-raised, Certified Humane eggs
Organic fresh produce & wild Maine blueberries
MSC-certified wild Alaskan red pollock oil
Ingredients are from the USA—NEVER China


Evermore! Proudly Beyond “Human Grade!”

In Monterey County, Evermore is exclusively available at The Raw Connection!

Evermore! The gently cooked, frozen-fresh miracle food that proudly goes beyond “Human Grade”!

We carefully craft recipes that rival the best home-cooked dog food. Our hearty meals include gentle and detoxifying ingredients, so that even the most immune-compromised dogs thrive on them. We source from accountable ranchers, farmers and vendors who strictly prioritize quality and animal welfare. We cook in small batches at a family-run, USDA-inspected “people food” kitchen that uses a low-temperature process to ensure food safety and maintain flavor and nutrients. Our high standards extend beyond our product to how we treat our customers—we value you as much as your dog will value Evermore (and that’s A LOT).


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Aggie Just Loves TRC!

At 14, Aggie has been a loyal customer almost as long as we’ve been in business!

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Meet Aggie!

She is a healthy 14 year old Westie thriving on food from The Raw Connection since she was 6 months…

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