smallbatch dog – Beef Sliders!

Who is smallbatch?

In their own words…

We are a small family owned company based in the bay area. Inspired by the wonderful local and sustainable sources around us, we set out to make a different kind of raw pet food. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to meet the standards we feel every pet deserves: organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free meats, and only pure honest supplements such as organic kelp and bee pollen.


smallbatch dog – Chicken Patties!

smallbatch is a holistic approach to your pet’s nutritional needs healthy pets, happy people!


nourish™ Jerky Bites ON SALE! 20% OFF THRU SEPTEMBER!

Sourced in New Zealand and made with humanely-raised meats, nourish™ Jerky Bites are gently air-dried at low temperatures, in small batches, to naturally preserve the meat without using artificial preservatives. High in protein and truly grain-free, they are made with all-natural ingredients. Perfect as a snack, these savory treats have a taste and texture even the pickiest of pups can’t resist.


nourish™ For Cats ON SALE! 20% OFF THRU SEPTEMBER!

nourish™ food is gently air-dried at low temperatures, in small batches, to naturally preserve the meat without using artificial preservatives. Air-drying keeps the ingredients fresh, maintaining the nutrition. This means your pet gets all the benefits of over 90% real, raw meat along with added coconut oil, vitamins, and minerals. All of this makes a complete and balanced high-quality, premium meal your cat will LOVE!


nourish™ Lamb ON SALE! 20% OFF THRU SEPTEMBER!


Lamb, Lamb Liver, Lamb Lung, Venison, Peas, Vegetable Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Dried Chicory Root, Green Lipped Mussel, Dried Kelp, Parsley, Mixed Tocopherols (A Preservative), Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Choline Chloride, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, D-calcium Pantothenate, Niacin, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Riboflavin, Thiamine Mononitrate, Calcium Iodate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Selenium Yeast, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement

Benefits of Coconut Oil

excellent source of fat, providing twice as much energy as protein or carbohydrates
fats in coconut oil may help support healthy skin and a shiny, lustrous coat

Other Beneficial Ingredients

green lipped mussels contain a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and enzymes
dried kelp contains a high level of digestible protein as well as iron and potassium
dried chicory root is a prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal system
biotin plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin and coat


nourish™ Beef ON SALE! 20% OFF THRU SEPTEMBER!

From Isle Of Dogs…

With 90% real, raw meat and organs along with coconut oil, vitamins and minerals our simple recipes are designed to support a beautifully balanced and joyful life for dogs and cats. Sourced in New Zealand, nourish™ food is gently air-dried at low temperatures, in small batches, to naturally preserve the meat without using artificial preservatives. This process keeps the ingredients fresh so pets benefit from all of the nutritional goodness of over 90% real, raw meat, without the mess. Perfect as a meal, a topper or a treat, these savory recipes have a taste and texture even the pickiest of pets can’t resist. Each recipe in the nourish™ line was developed to support a healthy, beautiful life with simple, nutritious ingredients pet parents can recognize.


BirchBark Lecture 3 “Keeping Pet Eyes Healthy” by Dr. Elizabeth Curto

Join us Saturday Sept 8th, 2018 at 2pm at The Raw Connection for the third in a series of lectures by The BirchBark Foundation.

“Keeping Pet Eyes Healthy” will be presented by Dr. Elizabeth Curto, DVM, DACVO, ophthalmology.

A 30 minute lecture will be followed by Q & A. A $20 donation to BirchBark Foundation is recommended. No registration is required.


Rad Cat Venison ON SALE Thru August 2018! Why Grain Free?

Rad Cat Raw Diet Premium Raw Food for Cats is ON SALE!

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Why Rad Cat has Chosen to Eliminate Grains from our Products

Grains are truly not a part of a cat’s evolutionary diet and can often lead to health problems. Historically, cats were the guardians of granaries – they would eat the mice and rats and leave the grain. Many companies add grains as a carbohydrate source “for needed energy”. Protein actually provides a more even and sustained source of energy. Also, cats produce only a limited quantity of enzymes that digest carbohydrates (sugars).

For example, a cat’s pancreas is not designed to sustain production of the enzyme amylase. Eating grains tends to stress the pancreas and can lead to digestive problems. It has been suggested that this is a possible cause of pancreatitis in cats, especially if they are overweight. Also, there is a link between the high carbohydrate intake and diabetes in cats. The pancreas not only has to work harder to produce enzymes but also releases more insulin to counteract rising blood sugar levels.

When cats are allowed to graze throughout the day on high carbohydrate foods, their blood glucose levels spike, then drop, and repeat that cycle over and over, which is unhealthy – for anyone – cats and humans. For cats, high dietary protein is key to keep moderate insulin levels. It is digested more slowly and provides a sense of satiety for a longer period of time.

Grains also play a major role in many allergic reactions we see in cats. Dermatitis is a common problem seen in both cats and dogs and these conditions are often improved when grains are removed from the diet. Often, irritable and inflammatory bowel conditions can be linked to grains and diets that aren’t easily digestible. When the digestive system is compromised, nutrients aren’t optimally absorbed. Also, allergic responses to grains cause a low level of inflammation in the body, which can strongly tax the immune system, making it “work overtime”. The result can be a general overall immune deficiency, which can leave cats open to contracting other forms of disease, including viruses and infections. This is the very same response that is seen in humans, as well.

There is a considerable amount of rhetoric about “predigested” grains resembling the stomach contents of prey and that the stomach is an organ that cats will eat. Ultimately, cats are opportunistic – especially in the wild. If they see a ready nutrition source, they will take advantage of it. In the reality of our back yard carnivores, the stomach and its contents are rarely consumed, if at all. Domestic feline hunters will consume the head, heart, liver, and flesh with some bone. What is typically left over is the digestive system (including the stomach), urinary, and reproductive systems. If the stomach is consumed, the amount of seed and possible grain (do birds and mice really eat oats and barley?) is about a quarter of the size of a dime, at best – not a significant percentage of a meal.

Today’s domestic felines have been proven to be descendants of African wild cats, who are desert dwellers. When considering evolutionary diets, fish typically aren’t included. However, our feline friends are opportunistic hunters and if water is all that stands between them and starving, they will fish! Most cats like the taste of fish simply because of its pungency, but it’s not the best protein source on a regular basis. Fish may be fine as an occasional treat, but we, at Rad Cat, don’t agree that it’s something they should be eating daily.

We, at Rad Cat, are proud to provide a high protein, low carbohydrate, grain free product that provides optimal nutrition and high moisture content for the happiest, healthiest cats possible. Every cat deserves to be a Rad Cat!


Rad Cat Pork ON SALE Thru August 2018! Cooking vs. Raw

Rad Cat Raw Diet Premium Raw Food for Cats is ON SALE!

Save $1 on every 8 ounces you buy through August!
All flavor! All Sizes!…

Rad Cats view on Cooking Vs. Raw

Cats are designed by Mother Nature to eat high protein diets that are very low in carbohydrates. This dietary model is beneficial for cats because their digestive systems are quite specialized. They are very acidic and short, which means they have a limited amount of time to extract the nutrients they need from their food. They need to digest food quickly and effectively. Raw food is perfect for their specialized physiology because nutrients are in their most bio-available form (bio-availability meaning that nutritive substances are absorbed at a faster rate, reaching systemic circulation faster and therefore, are rapidly available for cellular use).

It takes very little energy to break down the proteins in raw meat and assimilate nutrients. Any cooking or pasteurization process changes the structure of proteins and requires more time and energy to digest. Due to cats’ short digestive and bowel transit time, some of these cooked protein sources are never completely digested. This can lead to compromised nutritional status and many symptoms associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

The high digestibility of raw diets is also due to the presence of natural, live enzymes that when ingested, aid in the breakdown of consumed muscle tissue, enhancing its digestibility. These beneficial enzymes are fragile in structure and are easily destroyed by the cooking process.

High temperature cooking also dramatically affects the natural nutritional value of food.

On the labels of cooked products, there is a long list of supplements that have to be added due to the destruction of the naturally present vitamins and other nutrients originally contained in the ingredients. Raw food diets should need very little supplementation, if any, if they are formulated correctly. All of the essential nutrients should come from whole food sources, wherever possible.


Rad Cat Beef and Lamb ON SALE Thru August 2018! Rad Cat Philosophy!

Rad Cat Raw Diet Premium Raw Food for Cats is ON SALE!

Save $1 on every 8 ounces you buy through August!
All flavor! All Sizes!

The Rad Cat Philosophy

We produce the highest quality, holistic, natural diets that cater to the obligate carnivore. Even though domesticated cats no longer need to hunt as their ancestors have, their digestive systems remain unchanged. We believe feeding a raw diet closely mirrors what cats would naturally eat in the wild, contributing to true health and vitality.

Cats are healthiest and happiest on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. As grains have proven to be an allergen for many cats, we decided not to include them in our recipes. This simple philosophy provides a broad range of health benefits including: natural weight control, healthy skin and coat, and naturally clean teeth. Staying true to the most natural, evolutionary feline diet, we add no fruits or vegetables to our products. Our main ingredients are meats – muscle and organs – which are incredibly appealing to cats’ natural, carnivorous instincts.

We believe in keeping our products simple and basic, therefore we do not mix species within a variety. For cats, simple is better – and they love it! We make Rad Cat Raw Diet as close as possible to the diet that nature intended for our domestic feline carnivores.

Help your cats experience true health and increased vitality by giving them food they were meant to eat. Experience the incredible results that feeding your cats a raw diet can bring.