Dr. Hawks, DVM, Holistic Veterinarian

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Darren Hawks, DVM
Holistic Veterinarian
(831) 718-7768

With 25 years experience, Dr. Hawks combines the best of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine. After graduating from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, Dr. Hawks became a board-certified specialist in internal medicine. But her path in life led a different direction as she explored how emotions and energetics are linked to disease in the body. The journey continued with certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner (FES), certification by AVCA in animal chiropractic, and initiation as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Today, Dr. Hawks views her role in health care as a team player, alongside both you and your pet, working together to optimize your pet’s health. Her goal is to provide information and choices that might not be available through a conventional veterinarian.

From chronic physical issues like allergies, cancer and arthritis, to emotional issues such as anxiety and inappropriate urination, Dr. Hawks utilizes a variety of tools including nutrition, supplements, chiropractic, cold laser, homotoxicology (a form of homeopathy), flower essences, energy work, quantum biofeedback, and at times even conventional medications to assist your pet on his or her path towards healing.

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