We provide ongoing support to our clients through consultations, on-site classes and seminars, and referrals to holistic practitioners. Check our Blog for the latest schedules. Call or stop by and find out about all The Raw Connection has to offer.

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Andee Burleigh, CPDT of Divine K-9 Dog Training.
Call to for scheduling info and to enroll:
Primary number: 831-214-4163
Secondary number (leave messages): 831-625-7592

In 2005 I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer via the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I attend national conferences, seminars, and stay current with books, professional journals and whatever I come upon that relates to dogs, their training, health and well-being. This keeps me up-to-date on research and training methods.

As an advocate for canine wellness, I was pleased to be invited to teach dog training classes at The Raw Connection when it opened in April, 2006. The store’s approach to pet health and well-being matches my philosophy of what is best for our dogs.

– Andee Burleigh


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