The following is an update to my first post on May 12 after starting Abby on a feeding trial with the food, Rockster.

It has been a month since I started the feeding trial with our dog, Abby.  Abby has been doing extremely well on the food and she continues to enthusiastically eat each meal along with added supplements.  I have increased her food amount to 6 ounces of Rockster along with her goat milk and chicken necks, so she is now eating 7 ounces per day.  I increased it because she was starting to lose a little weight.  I am rotating the Rockster proteins and she loves each one.  Her stools have improved and she is now on psyllium husk once a day.

Abby had a blood test on 5/26.  All of her levels were normal!  Her last blood test was on 2/19/23.  In that test, her BUN was 32(high) out of  a range of 6-31, Creatinine was 1.1 out of a range of .5-1.6, her BUN/CREAT Ratio was 29(high) out of  a range of 4-27, and her SDMA was 13.3 when normal is less than 14.0.  In contrast, her most recent test showed her BUN at 29, Creatinine was the same at 1.1, BUN/CREAT was 26, and her SDMA was 12.8.   Both the BUN and BUN/CREAT are now down to normal and her SDMA level has decreased.   Also, her HGB (Hemoglobin) which was at 20.8 (High) out of a range of 12.1-20.3 and HCT (Hematocrit) which was 62 (High) out of a range of 36-60 were down to 19.1 and 57.  

Another big change was an overall decrease in inflammation.  She tends to get itchy skin which can lead to skin infections.  She has stopped licking her paws and has had no infections.  Her anal glands can often fill up and will sometimes need to be expressed by a vet, yet her anal glands have been normal.  She has not been limping as much due to her arthritis in her left front leg and wants to go on walks again.  She also started hydrotherapy this month and has 2 sessions, so that may be a contributing factor as well.  Her overall energy has definitely increased.